Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Get Rid of Fear In All It's Forms!

I have been dog training a lot of fearful dogs lately.  It is very interesting how fear develops.  Some dogs are quite young and some are after some sort of attack by another dog.  Whatever the cause, there are things you can do to really alleviate fear in your dog if you notice this.

1. Use your peripheral vision and do not look at the dog when in a fearful state.  Dogs are companion animals and if we trust them, they will develop much stronger.  When your parents stared at you, what was going on?  Usually, you were in a lot of trouble.  Trust them and they will improve.

2.  Train them out of the fearful state.  Practice sits, stays, down and other commands so that can be the go to.  Always give them treats after success and they will remember that and it will help them to move forward.

3.  Feel their body - fear is powerful.  The fear that dogs have can be found in the body.  It is amazing to release that fear with massage.  I have a 2 year canine massage degree but you do not need that - just loving hands to help your dog relax.  Dogs respond to a light touch that is heavy on the skin.  If you can feel under your eye, you have a bone and muscle tissue there.  If you can push on the muscle tissue, you can feel how hard to touch your dog.

It is amazing what you can do with little effort to help your dog overcome his fear!

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